Rich People! Hi how are you all doing today?

I hope you all are living Richly. So today I want to come to you all and speak about yoni detox pearls. Detox pearls are very popular right now but they have been around for thousands of years!

What is a detox pearl you ask?

A detox pearl is a small ball (pearl) composed of multiple herbs that are very powerful.

What do I do with these pearls?

When you receive your pearl you want to unravel the string that is wrapped around the end of the pearl that closes all of the herbs in a ball covered in gauze. After you have done that you either place the pearl in a tampon applicator and insert the pearl into your yoni (vagina). Another way of insertion is to use your fingers.

Ok the pearl is there no what?

You leave the pearl in for 12 – 72 hours. This is up to you! Make sure your read the directions and research the product and company! This is so important, do what you think is going to be best for you and your body

Why detox pearl?

I used detox pearls because I noticed a change in my yoni and I needed to get back on track. Another reason that I detoxed is because although I love my doctor, she is very good and busy! So I started to notice this issue around the end of April early May and I was not able to get an appointment until June 19th!! I was not about to continue to be uncomfortable for months without trying to find a solution. In addition to that, I am super natural! I love natural remedies so I am always researching natural ways to cure things and this is one thing I found that I did not mind trying.

My experience?

A detox pearl treatment is usually 3 pearls. Some say insert the pearls at one time and that usually means that the pearls are less concentrated. My pearls were very concentrated, so I was advised to only use one pearl a time for 48 – 72 hours. When I used my first pearl about 8 – 12 hours it pulled my cycle out. This caused me to be early about 1 – 2 weeks early. So that was a waste of one pearl. Post cycle I used the second pearl for 72 hours. Upon removing the pearl, I left it out for 48 hours and then inserted the last pearl. When I used the last pearl, I left it in for 24 hours and removed it. I did not experience a “purge” period, but I did after the last pearl. Nothing that was too long, it was about a day.


I did feel a lot better! Sadly, my results did not last long. I do believe that things would have been better had I had a full cleanse. I also think that I need to do another cleanse especially for what ever issue is going on. This is also consistent with what is listed on multiple websites. They do tell you that a cleanse is not an end all be all. You need to be doing multiple cleanses until you have reached your desired results. Some companies even offer a guide of how many cleanses will cure curtain issues. I hope this helps you all who are thinking about doing a yoni cleanse using detox pearls. I do suggest them but that’s just me personally. Continue to do research, as question, look at pictures and videos so you know what to expect, youtube has plenty! Email me is you all have any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

Until next time with Richness,

Renay Cheyenne