Hi Rich People!

So how many of you watched the 52nd Super Bowl last night? Leave a comment below telling me your favorite commercial, the team you were cheering for, and if you enjoyed the halftime show.

As I told you all, I had a lot going on last week so while I was able to finish my rich meal plan templets, I did not fill in the meals nor go grocery shopping until last night. While shopping  for an hour, I talked to my mother my best friend. As I told her, I felt like such an adult. I actually had a grocery list form my meal plan.

I spent $122.00. My mom said that that’s not that bad and that I should not spend that much next week. Hell I hope not! I went to Kroger to shop and was able to get some good deals. My original total was around $130.00 so I saved about $10.00! How much is your average grocery bill and where do you shop comment below.

A little Background…

I used to be really into couponing so I love seeing how much I saved and looking for the deals. I need EVERY penny!

52nd Super Bowl


Due to going grocery shopping after work, I came in on the halftime show of the Super Bowl. I think Justin Timberlake did a good job. I loved how he kept it simple. Normally you see a lot of theatrics, but he just simply performed, in my opinion. I thought the tribute to Prince was nice as well, I enjoyed that in addition to how they showed outside of the arena lit up in purple.

If you watched the show you probable saw a little guy, Ryan Mckenna, who was able to get a personal selfie with Justin Timberlake as he performed. He was on the Today Show this morning. I remember watching the show last night thinking “wow everyone has their phones out and very few are simply enjoying the moment.” At one moment the guy looks down to get his phone together because he was having technical difficulties. I don’t know what I would have done in that moment but it was interesting to me to see how everyone was on their phone trying to get that perfect video or picture.


Out of all the commercials that I saw my top three were the Verizon one, the Winter Olympics, and the Monster headphones one. I loved the personal element to the Verizon commercial. The real heroes are truly everyday people. I got chills watching it. Although the Hyundai commercial did not make my top three it was also a good commercial that showed the good that you can do buy simply purchasing a Hyundai vehicle. I loved it! I personally had a connection to this commercial because the first car that I ever bought was a 2013 Hyundai Accent.

Now, I never really watch the winter Olympics but these commercials had me marking my calendar! They were so action packed I remember thinking “okay, I need to watch this!” Be on the lookout for future posts on the 2018 Winter Olympics!

My last commercial is the Monster headphone commercial. I don’t know what it was but, it was just a great commercial. I liked the story, the visuals, and the music in this commercial as well as the message. I can do anything I put my mind to and this commercial speaks to that. It also speaks to the abundant possibilities and opportunities that are presented to you once you take the leap and do what you truly love. Now that I think about it, that commercial showed the effects of living your life in the Rich Zone! The guy went from the train to a luxury car with a personal driver watching everyone with headphone that he created!


The Game

Let’s talk about how great the game was! While talking to my mom she just kept saying “They about to score again?!” The Eagles were on a roll! They came to win! New England but up a good fight though. I was glad I continued to watch the games because it was some great action. All in all the 52nd Super Bowl was a great game and show! I was very happy and satisfied with what I watched.

Until Next Time With Richness,

Renay Cheyenne