My Rich People! How are you?

Today I want to talk about accountability! It is so easy to say we want to do something but a totally different story when it comes to us doing something. This is where accountability comes into play. We often need someone to hold us accountable for the things that we say. How many times have you told yourself that by the time summer comes you’ll be summer time fine? How many times have summer come around and you winter time warm and not ready for the beach? Let me tell you I have done this year after year! So, what make this year different you ask? Well here are 3 easy steps that I do to hold myself accountable for all aspects of my life!

  • Write it down!

Studies have shown that we are more likely to do something or remember something when we write it down

  • Tell someone!

You all are my audience, so I always tell you! I post something I want to do or keep up with on all my social media outlets. The moment that it is out in the universe I must be held accountable or lose my platform! I don’t want to lose yall! That would not be Rich at all, so I lead by example.

  • Consistently research!

My research at this point of the game is finding people on social media to follow that has done or is doing what I want to do. This helps me to constantly see the end goal. How many times have you done a vision board and that’s it? I know I have! So constantly seeing social media posts of bloggers posting new content gets me up and working. Listening to people’s podcast posts that I have subscribed to. Watching different YouTube videos and seeing them in action. All these things help me stay on course.

I hope that these 3 simple steps help you all hold yourself more accountable! My extra bonus step for you all is contacting me as your accountability partner! For the first 20 people who email me with wanting an accountability partner for a goal will get a specially RICH option!!

DO NOT WAIT! Do not put yourself on the back burner saying no not right now! Choose yourself!

Until Next Time With Richness,

Renay Cheyenne!