Health & Wellness

For my Rich Women. I use The Honey Pot Company products. They help me stay fresh, clean, and rich! I also love that they offer a variety of products that are all plant based and free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. These products are also gynecologist approved and clinically tested. Oh a lets not forget the most important PH BALANCED!

PS. Get it while you can… I suggest a subscription if possible because they stay sold out!

It Works

On my Instagram channel I am openly sharing my health, wellness, and weight loss journey. To help me on this journey I am using IT Works Products. For years I have battled with my weight and watched it go up and down. At the end of the semester in May I was at my highest weight of 211 pounds! Since I have been using IT Works products I have watched the weight literally fall off!

Organization & Apparel

I have taken to using the Girl CEO planner to help me stay organized recently. I also love the apparel. I also think that this is a great brand to support for all my women out there who are the CEOs of their lives and will soon be the CEOs of their businesses!

Travel for the low!

Like I have said before and I will continue to say, Richness is a mindset not a bank account value! With that being said, I often travel but for the low! If I can get cash back, I will most likely always take that route! One app/ website that I use is Dosh. They give you a list of places that you can eat, sleep, and shop at that will give you cash back on the card that you use for payment!


Nisha with Carnival

If you did not know I am telling you now, I love a good cruise! I love being on the water and in the sun! Oh, and my absolute favorite is being in the spa laying on the hot rock beds while its raining outside! What a Rich Time! My girl Nishia Williams always hooks me up so she is who I book with. She makes sure I have THE BEST DEALS! When you call just tell her Renay Cheyenne sent you her way!

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