RichNay Lifestyle Update!

Hello Rich people! I hope all is well and that you all have been living in the Rich Zone like I have! I apologize for not updating you like I intended to these last few months; while living in the Rich Zone in every part of my life has been a challenge!


I took 23 credit hours this semester! Yes 23 and no I am not crazy just determined. I am so proud to tell you all that I not only passed all of my classes, but I only had 2 B’s and I increased my cumulative GPA from a 3.69 to a 3.71!


I am now a member of the Illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated! I am so delighted to be a new member of this sorority that I cannot wait to continue working to serve and enhance the Black community.


I have been interning with the Marshall University Athletic Compliance Office since my freshmen year at Marshall University 2015. Recently I was offered a PAID internship! I am extremely excited about the new opportunity I have been presented with Marshall University Athletics Compliance Office!


Living in the Rich Zone has not been stress free and I will not pretend like it has. In honor of the month of May being Mental Health Awareness month I will be sharing some of the mental health wellness things that my Soror, Tish Carr, has developed that helped me and I hope will help you all live in the Rich Zone as well.


I was working out at a MININUM of 3 times a week. There were times when I would work out twice a day. In a future post I will be sharing part of my daily and weekly routine as well a drink that my Soror shared with me that aided in my 15 lbs lost!!

Now that I have brought you all up to speed on how I have been living in the Rich Zone overall, look out for my new blog posts on how I have been living blow by blow since January coming soon!

Until next time with Richness,

Renay Cheyenne