Rich Date At Brio

Hi Rich People!

As it is mentioned in my self-care plan, go to a new restaurant every week. To start this new journey in my life I went to Brio located at Legacy Village in Beachwood, Ohio. Last week I went to this restaurant for lunch by myself! I have done a lot of things by myself to learn to enjoy my own company. I like to take myself on dates, you know, to have some me time. Just like the song by Heather Headley. I’m the type of person that when I read about a song I have to go play the song, so click play!

So back to my lunch date

I recently secured a seasonal job at Bath And Body Works for the summer, I am so excited! To celebrate, I went to Brio for a late lunch before my first day of work. Going for a late lunch allowed me to bypass the lunch rush so I was seated right away. My waitress was nice, friendly, and efficient. I had water and bread as a starter. Now at this restaurant they bring you out bread as you look over the menu.

Considering that I do not eat meat and I was not trying to eat a heavy meal, nor spend a lot of money, I went with a lunch special. I ordered a soup and pasta entrée combo. For my soup, I had one of my favorites, Lobster Bisque and for my entrée, I did the Alfredo Fettuccine.

This food was so good!

I was so full that ate a late, light dinner! There were actual little lobster pieces in the soup, I practically licked the bowl. The pasta was great and you all know I had to add extra cheese and pepper to make it amazing! Although I loved the pasta, I think it was very rich paired with the soup. I love these two foods so much that I did not know what to get sitting there in the restaurant and I do not know what I would have gotten as an alternative now. Now I know I do not need to be eating food like this seeing that I am still on my weight loss journey, but like I said before, this was a celebration. Also, to ease my mind the portions were small, the soup was about 300 calories and the pasta was about 660 calories. I didn’t eat all of the bread either. This meal was a flat $18.00 including the tip, I didn’t feel this was too bad. Leave me a comment telling me of what you think, too expensive, just right, or a waste of time I should have gone someplace else.

Next week

I am going to try out the Nordstrom Grill inside of Nordstrom located in Beachwood Mall! If you all did not know it is my favorite store!! A fun fact, I walk through the Nordstrom entrance at the mall because it makes me happy.

Until Next Time With Richness,

Renay Cheyenne